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MoviePass reverts to unlimited plan

MoviePass has reinstated its unlimited $9.95-a-month cinema subscription after testing a new restrictive plan in mid-April.

The firm limited members to four movie tickets per month on a temporary basis, with the chief executive hinting at the time that the unlimited plan may never return.

The cutback on the number of films was accompanied with a special “promotion” in which subscribers were given a three-month free trial of iHeartRadio’s All Access.

However, this week MoviePass returned to its fan-favourite unlimited subscription model, but has continued to restrict its users to viewing a film once under their account.

The firm said on Twitter that it has been forced to implement the limit as a safeguard against members abusing subscriptions.

“The demand for this unlimited plan is incredible, and we have a clear path to even stronger growth,” MoviePass spokesperson Stephanie Goldman said in a statement to CNN.

Though the unlimited plan has been reinstated, there is still a limited time offer of three movies a month and the iHeartRadio music trial for $7.95 a month.

Prior to the “temporary” plan reveal, MoviePass’ business model came under greater scrutiny as its stock price fell by more than 40 per cent following a disappointing SEC filing.

Lowe said 88 per cent of MoviePass subscribers watch two movies or less per month.

Helios and Matheson Analytics chief executive Ted Farnsworth, whose company is MoviePass’ majority owner, told CNN he is, “100 per cent confident in the MoviePass model and the impact we are making in the entertainment industry.”

Image: MoviePass