Sinemia, one of the main competitors of MoviePass, has unveiled its new $4.99-a-month movie ticket subscription plan.

The five-dollar offer covers tickets for one film per month, with another plan costing $6.99 for two tickets per month.

MoviePass currently offers its subscribers an unlimited subscription deal for $9.99-a-month, allowing for one film per day.

Simenia’s $9.99-a-month plan only covers two tickets per person, however, it differs in that it includes 3D, 4D and IMAX films, which MoviePass does not.

Another plan offered by Simenia costs $14.99 and includes the premium perks for three films per month.

Sinemia chief executive Rifat Oguz said, according to TechCrunch: “Not everyone really needs an unlimited movie-going experience. The average in the US is four movies per year.”

Sinemia also differs in the fact that it has advanced online ticketing, whereas MoviePass requires its patrons to be in the theatre to purchase tickets.

Earlier this year, MoviePass launched legal action against Sinemia, which announced its entry into the US market in February.

MoviePass claimed Turkish firm Sinemia has been using its patented electronic payment technology without authorisation.

Image: CchrisS