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WORKFORCE: Accuracy in match-day staff scheduling

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Working with one of the UK’s top football clubs, Verteda helped to significantly reduce costs and reduced post-payroll errors by 90%.

Customer overview

  • Over 30,000 capacity stadium
  • 1000 casual employees on their database
  • Over 450 shifts on match day
  • Process around 2000 shifts in an average monthly payroll run

On an average match day, the club would be managing over 450 staff shifts. This meant a considerable amount of time was spent inputting employee data, getting staff set up on tills and systems, and managing clock-in and clock-out times. Due to the multiple manual processes involved, there were over 60 errors that needed to be correct in the post payroll run every month. This cost both time and resources – processing the 450 shifts post-match was an 9 hour task.

Utilising Vantage, Verteda’s workforce management and onboarding solution, the club was able to realise 90% less payroll errors each month, significantly cutting the time they spend processing staff shifts and payroll. These efficiencies allowed them to achieve a 80% reduction in time spent on payroll activities post-match, because of automatic clock rules being set up, assigned pay rates in the system which were pre-programmed, and auto-set up on tills and other systems.

Another significant change was making the clock-in time of staff more accurate. Vantage enabled the club to move clock-in from being when the employee arrived at the stadium, to when the employee reached their place of work; i.e. their kiosk or till. Spread over an average of 24,000 shifts annually, saving 15 minutes (approx. £2.50 per shift) clock-in time for each staff member’s shift, this could deliver the club savings of over £60,000 a year.

Employees and staff members are now able to engage through the Vantage mobile app, updating their personal details through the app instead of having to perform a manual process at the club to change information. Also, staff can access available shifts on their app, signalling which they will work and which they decline – so that event teams can better plan, resulting in a reduction from over 17% staff no shows at each match to just 1% after Vantage was installed.

Prior to Vantage being rolled out, the Event Staff Coordinator would spend approximately 36 hours of their working week in the run up to a match scheduling staff and managing pay records. Vantage reduced this from being 75% of their weekly hours to 20%. Rather than relying on email, texts and phone calls to update shift schedules, employees and event coordinators can now engage seamlessly through the Vantage app to update their working preferences, leading to better accuracy, increased ability to plan for the match day and reducing the costs and issues created by staff no-shows and payroll inaccuracies.

Verteda’s Vantage is a powerful software solution that enables you to forecast staffing requirements with complete confidence, in line with your business’ operational needs and industry best practice; Vantage improves scheduling and staff productivity, targeting resources where they are most needed.

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