Asian Games 18 targets foreign ticket-buyers

Seventy-five tour packages have been prepared for the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia in an effort to sell more than 170,000 tickets to foreign tourists.

The Indonesian Tourist Ministry arranged the packages, which lists seven primary destinations including Jakarta, West Java, South Sumatra, Central Java, Yogtakarta, Banyuwangi in East Java and Bali.

The event, which is a pan-Asian multi-sport event, is set to take place between August 18 and September 2. It is the first time the Games are being co-hosted by two cities: Jakarta and Palembang.

“The 2018 Asian Games has become an opportunity to boost the number of foreign tourist visits this year. As the potential is huge, we’re optimistic the target can be reached,” said Tourism Minister Arief Yahya on Monday as quoted by

The 2018 Asian Games is set to attract 15,000 athletes and officials and 5,000 media participants from 45 countries in attendance, according to Inasgoc Ticketing Department data.

Image: baka_neko_baka