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US-led 2026 World Cup bid hikes ticket prices

Projected ticket prices for a 2026 FIFA World Cup in the US, Canada and Mexico have shot up, with bid organisers promising higher ticket revenue than initially submitted.

As the bidding war for 2026 continues, the joint American hosts announced changes to their financial projections at a presentation in Brussels earlier this month.

An original forecast of £1.3bn from ticket sales was submitted in its bid book to FIFA last March.

This number has now jumped up to £1.8bn in ticket revenue, equating to an average ticket price of £321, including corporate hospitality seats.

That compares to the £169 average ticket price for bidding rivals Morocco — and £158 for the tournament in Brazil four years ago.

Ticket revenue is of the utmost importance to the American joint bid’s campaign, as it is mostly based around the revenue it will generate.

Morocco will make their presentation to the South African Football Association (SAFA) this week, which is around the time of their FIFA inspection report.

SAFA is said to have an influential vote in the bidding war to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

FIFA’s members are set to vote on 13 June.

Image: Tsutomu Takasu