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TicketPlan’s ‘Beast from the East’ strategy recognised

Ticketing insurance and protection firm TicketPlan has been shortlisted for this year’s Client Care Initiative Award at the British Claims Awards 2018.

TicketPlan was nominated on the back of its Emergency Plan, which was triggered and tested following the adverse weather conditions that hit the UK at the end of February.

TicketPlan’s Claims Department was able to establish exactly what type of weather warnings had been given, by whom, when and in which geographical areas.

They were able to liaise closely with their partner ticketing companies in order to establish which events had actually been cancelled and were then able to cross reference all of this information with the many hundreds of refund applications, which were received during that period.

Graham Berg, chief executive of TicketPlan, said “We wanted to ensure that all valid refund applications were administered and paid quickly. However, we also wanted to ensure that people were not paid twice (once by the event organiser if an event had been cancelled and once by us) and refunds provided only to those people within areas of the country that had been badly affected.

“Our staff collected Police and Local Authority Twitter updates from all over the country. This was supplemented by information from Local and National press and also from the Met Office – all on an area by area basis.

“This meant that in the vast majority of cases, we did not have to ask for any form of proof of weather warnings, if these were not supplied at the point of claim. We very much expect and anticipate this type spike in activity from time to time and our systems have been specifically designed for this purpose. Client care is at the heart of everything we do.

“We speak about “alignment of brands” which means that if we do the job well, this not only benefits our own brand but also reflects upon the brands of our partner ticketing companies.”

Image: roenokecollege