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Ticketrunner bolsters portfolio of ticketing firms

Ticketrunner, a brand ambassador software solution for event owners, has announced that it is integrating with several key ticketing firms, as well as partnering with major European festivals to push peer-to-peer sales.

The firm has expanded to include Eventbrite, Paylogic, Universe,, Eventix and Reservix in its portfolio of ticketing firms available.

Ticketrunner enables event managers to set up brand ambassador programmes and engage their fans into their marketing efforts by rewarding them with free tickets, merchandise and exclusive experiences such as backstage access.

Siamak Ghofrani, responsible for marketing and business development at Ticketrunner, said: “Ticketrunner helps to create multiple touch points between a brand and their potential customers, facilitated by their friends.

“This is very beneficial for them, as they receive personalised offers and are being informed about content that is relevant to them. At the same time these recommendations make marketing more authentic and improve conversion rates drastically.”

Festival Insights reports that the latest numbers show that ticket buyers are four times more likely to buy a ticket through a friend’s recommendation as opposed to any conventional ad.

“This is not only based on our own experience as former event organisers but moreover on the data we have gathered now that we are running multiple brand ambassador campaigns for all sorts of live events,” said Ghofrani.

“We can without a doubt say that millennials are far less receptive to advertisements and make their purchasing decisions mostly on their friends’ recommendations.”

In addition, Ticketrunner will be used by major festivals, such as Amsterdam Music Festival and Sea You Festival, to push peer-to-peer sales.

Image: Global Stomping