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Lisnr CEO says QR codes are the ‘real issue’

The chief executive of Lisnr, the audio technology firm partnered with Ticketmaster’s Presence, said he wants to see tickets become a thing of the past.

Rodney Williams leads the company that uses an ‘ultrasonic communication protocol’ to send data through sound.

Ticketmaster currently uses Lisnr among the proximity-based digital systems that power its Presence service. It allows attendees’ ‘tickets’ to be verified by an ultrasonic connection between their mobile phone and the venue’s systems.

The deployment of Lisnr’s technology means fans no longer have to offer their QR code or barcodes for scanning, and benefit from frictionless event entry. If they are a verified ticket holder their mobile will emit a tone that registers with the venue’s Lisnr-enabled device by turning it green.

Williams told CNBC: “If I was going to use some type of mobile pay scenario, I only have a QR code or a NFC [chip] as an alternative.

“QR codes are vulnerable to security breaches, while NFC technology is expensive and not available in all payment situations.

“But I want to mobile pay everywhere: every parking meter, every taxicab, everywhere that I have an option … and the only option today is a piece of hardware. And we’re the software alternative.”

He added: “That industry (ticketing) has chosen to go to mobile ticket. “Every time you use a ticket or at an airline, they’ve chosen a QR code. But it’s a fraudulent vehicle. I can screenshot it. I can share it. It’s one of the reasons why you still have to use your ID.

“QR codes are the real issue,” he said.

Image: geralt