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Billetweb founder fined in Weezevent case

Billetweb’s founder has been fined several thousand euros for the collection of personal data against Weezevent, the ticketing operator and cashless payment specialist.

Billetweb’s founder appealed to France’s Court of Cassation, which delivered its verdict last April, reports Ma Gestion Billetterie.

The court did not accept the appeal of Billetweb and states the founder must pay an additional €2,500 to Weezevent to pay for its legal costs.

This decision closes the Weezevent v. Billetweb case after two years of legal proceedings.

Paris-headquartered Weezevent offers event organisers a full white-label self-service ticketing solution via SaaS as well as cashless technology. The payments solution allows attendees to credit a dedicated event account, before or during the event, both offline or online allowing attendees to pay at the bars, restaurants and merchandising stalls using only their wristband.

Since launching in 2008 the firm has sold more than 35 million tickets for events such as festivals, concerts, sports fixtures and conferences.

Earlier this year, Weezevent launched its hosting search feature to link event-goers with accommodation.

Event organisers using the service will be able to direct their attendees to finding nearby and available places to stay during the dates of the event.

Image: Weezevent