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Turkish football fans need to work longer to buy tickets

Football fans in Turkey must work the longest amount of time in order to buy a match ticket for their country’s top league, a new report shows.

The Italian football federation, or Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC), compiled the Report Calcio 2016, which tracks the world of football and its trends.

Figures on the incidence of average ticket prices over average daily wages in 2016 showed that supporters from Turkey work 315.4 minutes to earn enough to buy a match ticket. The average ticket price in Turkey is €33.20.

English football fans, whose Premier League has some of the most expensive ticket prices in Europe, need to work 268.9 minutes in order to earn, the second longest in the report.  The average ticket price in England is €56.40.

In third place is Spain, where its LaLiga fans need to work a total of 256 minutes to earn enough to purchase a ticket.

Some of the lowest figures were from Iceland and Hungary in which supporters only needed to work a total of 20.2 and 26.5 minutes, respectively, to buy a ticket to see their top teams.

Iceland’s figures are so low due to the nation’s high average wages, accompanied by some of the cheapest ticket prices, with the average being just €4.40.

Germany, France and Italy also sit at the top end of the table with the most time needed to be worked by its supporters in order to buy a domestic ticket to watch football.

Image: Arne List