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Atom Tickets offers free tickets with loyalty initiative

Atom Tickets is now offering free tickets to frequent cinema-goers in its new loyalty-rewards programme.

Atom Rewards gives app users that buy tickets to four different films a credit to their account for a free ticket.

The move comes shortly after its competitor Fandango rolled out a similar initiative that offers a $6 credit for every four tickets bought. This can be put towards further tickets, digital rentals, purchases or merchandise.

Atom’s programme also includes a ‘Refer a Friend’ perk that allows users to send a referral code to a friend that, if used within seven days, will give the original member another free ticket once they have three referrals. In Canada, three referrals means a free popcorn, rather than a free ticket.

“Our focus is to enable people to connect with the movies they love, as often as they want, and in the most convenient way possible. Launching the Atom Rewards program directly supports this effort while encouraging incremental moviegoing,” said Atom chief operating officer Allison Checchi, who was previously the company’s chief marketing officer, according to Variety. 

Once an Atom user gets the “free reward ticket” into their account, they only have 30 days to redeem it and the free ticket can only be used for 2D films.

Atom Rewards is free to join and all existing registered users will automatically be able to take advantage.

In April, both Atom and Fandango added some special features in an effort to compete with monthly subscription firm MoviePass.

Atom Tickets upgraded its app to allow people to pre-purchase concessions online before arriving.

Meanwhile, Fandango launched its rewards programme to incentivise advance ticketing and increased attendance.

Image: Atom Tickets