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Victims of Viagogo reports refund refusals

Consumer campaign group Victims of Viagogo has alleged that the controversial resale site has been blocking customer refunds.

During Ed Sheeran’s recent round of shows, he asked his fans to purchase new face-value tickets at the door if they had acquired their passes through Viagogo, as they would be considered invalid.

Fans had been warned that any tickets purchased through the site would be “unauthorised” and entry would not be granted, while being advised to claim a refund from Viagogo.

The Daily Record reports that many who were promised their money back have been unable to reach Viagogo over the phone and are being referred to a website that seems to be continually down.

Viagogo’s customer services department has struggled to deal with the number of refund requests after Sheeran and his promoter invalidated 20,000 tickets harvested by touts.

On the Victims of Viagogo site, Brenda Brid explained that after she sent proof that her ticket was invalid for entry, Viagogo claimed they did not have the email.

Brenda said, according to the Daily Record: “They said they had not received the email and they need to speak to me to know what happened at the concert.

“I tried to phone back today but they hung up each time, sending us to the website.”

She also posted a screenshot that showed the site appeared to be down, despite Viagogo telling some fans they had just 48 hours to claim their refunds.

Image: Edward Christopher