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RFP: Ticketing & Marketing System – South America, 20 million tickets per annum

TheTicketingBusiness has been asked to circulate this RFP for a continental-wide ticketing platform to support a consortium of music and event promoters in South America.


A consortium of entertainment businesses that brings together five of the main countries in South America (Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador) is planning to replace its current ticketing platforms with a new, cloud-based, multi-tenant solution. With an annual volume of 20 million tickets, this new large entertainment corporation seeks to centralize its entire operation into a single team, which will be responsible for providing services and supporting each of the markets.

The group has more than 18 years of experience managing the majority of the market share of events in their countries. Moreover, the group has sold tickets for the biggest events in those markets, including categories such as large format concerts, festivals, soccer with the main teams for each country, theater, forums and 360 virtual reality experiences. They have more than 1,200 clients that annually organize more than 5,000 events per year.

Sales are made through the following channels: call center, website, outlets in 40 cities, principal city arena, corporate sales and box offices. Over 50% of sales come from the internet, where more than 55% are mobile.


To achieve its mission and keep growing at the regional level, this group is looking for a platform that not only sells tickets, but also adapts to the needs of each market, taking into account different languages such as Spanish, Portuguese and English; different currencies such as Colombian peso, Chilean peso, Argentine peso, Peru sol and dollar in Ecuador. The platform must be robust, secure, efficient and easy to integrate with different systems or external programs, customizable and scalable. Additionally the new platform must have a CMS that allows to automate the content intelligently in the front-end; responsive design that guarantees its usability from any mobile device; modules for shipments and deliveries; a payment module that supports the different and main payment methods of each market; 2D, 3D and 360 ° user-friendly map design tools and display; marketing tools and promotional features such as creation and administration of discount coupons, dynamic prices and closed discounts, multiple categorization, up-selling and cross-selling; social functions; a data warehouse and a report writer adaptable to the needs of each client. All these requirements are needed for large-scale concerts, festivals, individual and season soccer ticket sales.

The system must manage high level traffic using a waiting queue and capable of processing 2,000 concurrent transactions, should be auto scalable to respond to the requests of big shows (preferably you will cite recent benchmarks), be a cloud-based platform and PCI compliant.


The RFP includes the different functions for the three main markets across the ticketing process and also has specific key considerations for each market. Interested parties are requested to review the full RFP Info Sheet and the Requiment table prior to submitting any response.

Interested parties should state their intention to bid by email no later than 5:00 PM EDT, 8 June 2018. Further details in the following links:


N.B. This RFP Bulletin is provided by TheTicketingBusiness news channel to generate a wider response for the tender party. Please do not respond to TheTicketingBusiness as we have no further involvement in the tender process and are unable to respond to questions regarding this RFP.