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Birmingham City FC: Increased sponsorship awareness, engagement and conversion

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St Andrews, home to world-class Birmingham City Football Club in the UK, has a capacity for nearly 30,000 fans.

The club’s primary partner, Foster’s lager, wanted to increase brand visibility while driving sales of their premium lager before, during and after the match.

To keep fans engaged at half-time and promote onsite beer sales, Foster’s sponsored the club’s ‘Man of the Match’ vote.

Fans voted for the man of the match through the Birmingham City FC app on their smartphone, they then received a push notification and digital voucher for a £1 bottle of Foster’s, which they could redeem at any of the three bars at the stadium.

By rewarding fans for their participation, they were encouraged to remain at the venue after the game had finished. This saw the following benefits;

  1. Increased engagement of the ‘Man of the Match’ app.
  2. Fast, easy and secure delivery of the voucher automatically to the smartphone.
  3. Insights and data delivered from audience usage and demographics.
  4. Improved fan interaction with the partner, Foster’s.

Watch our two-minute video for more information about what happened on the day.

Digital vouchers close the loop between sponsors and fans. By rewarding fans for their participation and engagement at events, venue owners and event sponsors can create unforgettable experiences.

Not only that, data collected through the fan app reveals insights into fan behaviours and demographics which can be used to personalize future games, competitions and giveaways. Digital vouchers can be customized for improved brand visibility and exposure.

What’s more, the technology behind digital vouchers has a long been established in other industries including:

Hospitality and Residential—open doors with a smartphone, eliminating the need for standard room keys and keycards.

Enterprise—grant or revoke entry to office buildings for employees, visitors and contractors.

Government—distribute and manage official documents like passports, drivers’ and government IDs.

Ticketing—digital tickets can be issued for sports, music events, trade shows, event parking and transport.

Digital vouchers are just a starting point for fan engagement and convenience. As the ticketing industry continues to make strides in game-day experience, companies can maximize their relationship with fans by offering flexibility, convenience and security.

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For a recap of the Birmingham City FC case study and more information about the solution, watch this two-minute video.