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Promptside offers organisers more ticketing control

Australian software company Codeacious has developed Promptside, a new ticketing platform that offers organisers a sales tool in their brand environment.

Promptside provides hosts with increased control over the ticketing process, while also streamlining the ticket booking process for attendees as there is no third party involved.

Codeacious founder and head of design Ian Priddle said the focus was on removing the number of clicks and the effort required to attend an event, according to the Geelong Advertiser newspaper.

“Maybe in the future that’s not even touching a computer, it’s just telling your phone to buy a ticket for you,” Priddle said.

Promptside, which has been in private beta development with some Geelong organisations, is set to move into a public beta period. The company is reportedly looking for festival organisers and theatre managers who might be interested in using the product and providing further feedback.

“We would love to find people with large events locally who are happy to collaborate with us at this stage and for us to learn a bit about them,” he said.

“We have built software for other festivals and find ourselves frustrated that we don’t have something like this to work with to make the ticket buying experience seamless.

“Everything we do is white label, you don’t know we exist, we are behind the scenes. So your company, your brand or conference signs up to use and sell tickets as your brand.

“We are focused on the ticketing side of things, but what it does when you have everything flowing through this platform … is allow organisers to do smarter, interesting things at their events.”

Image: Moses