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StubHub named in drip pricing lawsuit

StubHub has been named in a lawsuit in San Francisco over allegedly misleading ticket pricing and an apparent lack of transparency.

The suit against StubHub and its parent company eBay has been allowed to move ahead, while the firm’s attempt to send the case to arbitration was declined.

Susan Wang filed the suit in February and alleges that StubHub hides additional fees from customers until the payment confirmation pages.

Wang claimed the site violates the US Consumer Legal Remedies Act, Unfair Competition Law and False Advertising Law.

The suit alleges that the firm uses drip pricing to trick customers into going through the purchasing process by listing cheaper prices before adding large fees on the last page.

Superior Court judge Harold Kahn, the judge for the case, said there were enough factual questions to get the lead complainant “past the pleading hurdle”.

Wang’s representative, Annick Persinger, told Law360: “We look forward to pursuing claims on behalf of StubHub customers who were lured into shopping on StubHub because of misleadingly low advertised prices that do not include added fees.”

Image: StubHub