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Aventus Protocol deployed onto Etherum MainNet

Blockchain-based Aventus Protocol has been deployed onto the Etherum MainNet and can now be used by any business to create and ticket events.

Aventus Protocol is an open-source code that allows anyone to build powerful decentralised applications for the ticketing industry.

Aventus said its mission is to ensure the transformation of the live entertainment industry with a “fair and secure means of ticketing events by diminishing the trickery and scalping that is bothering the current sector.”

The protocol documents ticket ownership, offering heightened transparency, with details of transfer data providing an open audit trail for data integrity and compliance. 

In addition, organisations can also explore collaboration with Aventus to develop ticketing solutions tailored to their activities.

“We’re very pleased—though not surprised—that the audit report identified no critical issues,” said Andy Grant, chief technical officer at Aventus. “We worked very hard on the first release of the protocol, so it’s great to see that hard work paying off.”

The protocol would help businesses such as ticketing agencies, venues, artists or teams to boost their ticketing security and stability.

“The positivity of this first audit report is a testament to the hard work and diligence of the Aventus software development team,” said Andrew Ford, chief marketing officer of Aventus.

“As we progress along the Aventus roadmap, building out tangible solutions to the challenges faced by the ticketing industry, we will continue both to engage with the industry, and to audit and update the open-source code, and white paper, in accordance with major milestones and releases. This will ensure that the Aventus protocol remains secure and performant.”

Last month, Aventus partnered with new Las Vegas attraction Kind Heaven to supply tickets through its open-source Protocol solution. BlocSide Sports was the first firm to trial the protocol earlier in May.

Image: Aventus