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Eventbrite to promote all Elrow events

Eventbrite has linked up with live entertainment company Elrow Family in a multi-year ticketing deal.

Under the agreement, Eventbrite will handle the promotion of Elrow’s more than 100 events each year, reportedly attracting more than 2.4 million attendees in total.

Elrow, which was founded eight years ago, is a circus-inspired events firm that pairs elaborate production, interactive performers and visual displays with electronic music.

Vicenç Marti, president of Elrow Family, said: “With many additional projects around the world planned over the next years, the time to join up with a global partner like Eventbrite felt right.

“We share an international outlook and setup, an independent spirit, and they’re constantly pushing innovations such as integrations with Facebook and Instagram, which are crucial to connecting with our fans in new and engaging ways.”

Eventbrite’s head of music in the UK Paul Everett said: “Elrow are without doubt one of the most impressive independent club and festival promoters. They are leaders in their field, constantly innovating and delivering exceptional events that combine a unique blend of party, music, arts and breath-taking visuals. 

“As people look for greater and more fulfilling experiences, the Arnau family are redefining festival and party culture. Working with them has been at the top of our wish list for a long time.”

Image: Carsmeller