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Text to buy tickets with Hustle’s new platform

Community engagement firm Hustle has launched a new one-to-one messaging platform that provides users with a new and quick way to buy and sell tickets.

The North American firm claims to have designed a more effective way for live event promoters, producers, sports teams and college athletic departments to “humanise” the way the way they communicate with people, en masse.

Hustle claims its texting is 77 time faster than calls, 5.5 times more engaging than email, and 100 per cent more personal than blast texting.

Hustle’s clients’ messages are reportedly read more than 80 per cent of the time, compared to 25 per cent for email.

The company’s partnership with VAN and Salesforce offers a REST API to build custom integrations.

Temple University in Pennsylvania implemented the one-to-one platform for selling tickets for a football game last season and included a promo code to a future game, leading to eight times more tickets sold, 15 times more people engaged, and over $1,000 sales per hour.

The firm said: “Selling tickets through phone calls and emails is no longer enough, texting with Hustle compliments other tools and brings the real human connection back in a time when people ignore bots and prefer to talk to real people.”

Image: terimakasih0