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New York cracks down on resale sites

New York has passed a bill to extend and expand the rules surrounding the secondary ticketing market within the state.

The new laws will enforce resellers to make it clear when they are listing tickets that they do not yet have.

In addition, resellers must obtain confirmation from the buyer that they are aware of this. If sellers are unable to provide these tickets, or provide them at the stated price, they must provide a refund within ten days of the buyer requesting their money back.

In the US, it is common practice for the regulation of ticketing to occur at the state level, rather than at the federal level.

Those selling tickets on the secondary market must have fully transparent pricing, by providing the full cost of tickets, including all fees.

The resale platforms will need to make it obvious that they are not primary sellers and that prices may exceed the original face value of tickets being resold.

StubHub issued a statement to Deadline saying: “As a fan first business, StubHub has always advocated for pro-consumer legislation that supports a competitive, transparent, and safe ticket market for fans.

“We are proud to have worked closely with the New York Legislature on a legislative package that extends this important statute for another three years and takes comprehensive steps to protect New York fans and ensure they benefit from having choice in a free and open ticket market.”

Image: Francisco Diez