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Derry City defends huge Europa League price rise

Derry City FC has defended its ticket pricing for the Europa League match against Dinamo Minsk at its Brandywell home ground.

The game, which is schedule for July 12, will cost fans 79 per cent more than normal match day tickets, which usually cost £14 for adults. Concession tickets will see a 67 per cent increase, soaring up from the usual £12.

For the first leg of the Europa League tie, tickets are prices at £25 for adults and £20 for concessions.

Many Derry City fans criticised the club on social media and accused it of “being out of touch with supporters” and “extorting fans for financial gain” ahead of the visit of the Belarusian team.

City supporter Barry Tierney told the Derry News he is prepared not to attend the home tie out of ‘sheer principle’.

“From my own point of view I’m probably not going to go to the game at £25, and the reason being is just out of sheer principle, because it’s the same fans week in and week out who are being asking to donate money, be it the monthly draw, the European draw, half time tickets,” he said.

“It’s the expense that comes from supporting Derry City. We are all trying to pay our way but I think it needs to be spread out over a bigger area and a lot more people to make it more affordable to people.”

A club spokesperson said, according to Derry Now: “Unfortunately the cost of financing this trip, and in particular, the cost of travel for the squad and the backroom staff has proven very significant.

“Derry City do not have the luxury of television coverage to help offset the huge expense of contesting these two legs. Whilst we are aware of the fans’ concerns, we trust that our supporters will understand the commitment involved on this occasion.”

Image: Florian Christoph