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Ticketing blamed for low numbers at free gig

The ticketing system in place at Malta’s Isle of MTV concert has been blamed for the event’s poorest attendance in its 12-year history, according to the Malta Independent

The Malta Tourism Authority implemented the ticketing system for the free concert, with fans needing to register prior to attending.

The Isle of MTV Malta Special Show on June 27 was free for everyone, but the audience was required to get tickets if they want to enter the arena.

Registration for the concert was carried out on the Isle of MTV website through self-service ticketing brand Universe, which is owned by Live Nation.

Fans had the option to pre-register for the event, which was open for two weeks prior to the official ticketing launch. Those fans that chose to pre-register were able to apply for ticket registration 48 hours before the official launch.

Ticketmaster said: “The reason for this (ticketing) being that the Malta Tourism Authority and MTV wanted to have accurate numbers on the amount of people who had entered the square where the concert takes place, now a mandatory requirement from the Fire and Saftey point of view.

Photographs from the free concert, which is usually packed full, show the large open space being rather empty apart from at the front.

Ticketmaster continued: “Universe installed internet at 17 gates across the square and with scanning at every gate to give real-time stats on attendance. 20,000 people (capacity) were processed on the app and both the Malta Tourism Authority and MTV commemorated Universe for how well it went.”

However, in 2016, the 10th edition of the event, attendance hit a record high of  50,000 people with Wiz Khalifa headlining.

In March, it was announced that organisers had decided to cap the number of tickets in an effort to control overcrowding.

The Malta Tourism Authority said the show was capped at the maximum capacity that can safely be handled at the Fosos in Floriana.

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