Touts have been found flogging tickets to the 2018 FIFA World Cup round of 16 game between England and Colombia for almost five-times their face value.

The knock-out game, which kicks off tomorrow at 7pm, has spiked interest from many fans that initially chose to stay in the UK. 

On Viagogo, category one tickets, which are the most expensive at about £177 face value, were on sale for £513, meaning fans could pay £336 extra, or three times more BBC reports. 

The resale site is still listing tickets for the international football tournament, despite FIFA filing a criminal complaint against Viagogo.

Football’s governing body said it had received numerous complaints from individuals, consumer protection bodies and other market players about “opaque and deceptive” Viagogo, which was last month referred to the UK’s National Trading Standards for non-compliance with transparency regulations.

FIFA filed a criminal complaint based on a breach of the law on unfair competition against Viagogo with the public prosecutor’s office in Geneva.

In addition, some touts have also offered England fans tickets for up to £681 on Facebook, BBC reports.

Image: Georgio