Ticketbooth has teamed up with Audiencetools to release a suite of event marketing products called Social Checkout.

Audiencetools, a Sydney-based tech start-up, has signed a partnership deal with the ticketing firm in an effort to boost conversion rates via social media checkout functionality.

The Social Checkout function, which is currently being rolled out in beta with Ticketbooth, enables ticket buyers to complete the purchase process using their social media account, rather than filling in their details in a form.

The event industry marketing tool is designed to increase conversion rates on event pages and ensure organisers get the most ticket sales out of their web traffic.

Ticketbooth said that Social Checkout is slated to “become the norm within the ticketing industry over the next few years.”

“We’re seeing more and more people using mobile devices when browsing for event tickets, with over 85 per cent of conversions on ticket pages coming from a smartphone,” said Ticketbooth chief executive, Simon Guerrero.

“With limited screen real estate available, simplifying the purchase process for fans has become increasingly important in driving conversions for organisers.”

Social Checkout also allows organisers to better understand their audience through social data insights. It has the ability to analyse fans’ Spotify listening habits, Facebook interests and behaviours on other leading social platform.

Gurrero added: “The introduction of Audiencetools Social Checkout gives organisers the tools they need to increase conversions and boost fan satisfaction, whilst also amplifying ticket sales data in order to implement smarter, more efficient marketing techniques.”

Image: Ticketbooth PR