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Industry execs unveil new digital ticketing firm

A pair of industry veterans have teamed up to launch their own new data-driven digital ticketing company called Project Admission.

The two leading the venture are Stephen Glicken, previously the head of business development at Songkick, and Jordan Stone, who lead the digital marketing for Taylor Swift’s management company, 13 Management.

The Nashville, Tennessee-based company Project Admission is reportedly looking to improve the experience for the management distribution, and exchange of digital tickets.

“The ticketing and live event space is one of the most exciting places for innovation right now,” said Glicken, according to Billboard. “Nashville is home, and we value being part of the growth of the city. For us, that means bringing our experience to the growing tech community.

“I had an interesting perspective on the ticketing market – we were selling tickets in about 70 different countries, and dealing with the entire supply chain, particularly from the artists’ perspective.

“One of the problems with ticketing is that about 40 per cent of tickets are left unsold. We all know about the big shows, but the majority of events are not selling out all of the tickets.”

Project Admission is said to be using an approach to the ticketing market that uses data, and is highly specific to individual tours.

“We’re not doing a blockchain approach,” said Glicken. “There’s a lot of people who are, and are applying that to every single vertical regardless of its value. There’s a good narrative in there, but you can put blockchain and the private data base up against the problem, and 90 per cent of the time, the things that make a block chain do not apply to these kind of solutions.”

In addition, the new company is said to be aiming to give control of the process to the seller, whether that be the promoter or the artist.

The firm has already partnered with EDM artist Sir Roosevelt and Cirque de Soleil, as well as powering a walk-off event with a local company in Nashville called FlyteVu.

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