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Fans spend more with RFID wristbands

Fans using RFID wristband tickets purchase 20 per cent more at festivals and events than when traditional ticketing and payment methods are used, according to data revealed by Forbes. 

Maura Gibson, president of Front Gate Tickets, provided Forbes with a number of insights into how technology can change the customer experience in the event space.

Gibson believes RFID wristband tickets are one of the ways festival, concert and event organisers are improving the customer experience as it makes the process streamlined.

According to Gibson, RFID wristband tickets have significantly improved the experience of ticket holders.

She said: “We’ve found that RFID has been extremely effective in removing friction from the fan experience. By giving fans the option to associate a credit or debit card to their wristband, they’re able to pay quickly and securely without cash.

“The wristband activation process is simple. A PIN is required for added security. Overall, this saves fans time and lets them enjoy the experience.”

In addition to spending 20 per cent more with the wristbands, Gibson added: “We’ve also seen a 51 per cent decrease in cash on-site. There’s been a 100 per cent adoption rate for those who register. This means fans are loving it and using it as a primary method of payment.”

Image: Bernard Bodo, EXIT photo team