Danish technology firm Queue-it, which supports many ticketing sites, has surpassed three billion users in its virtual waiting room platform.

Queue-it is a developer of virtual waiting room services to control website traffic surges by offloading visitors to an online waiting line environment.

Its SaaS platform enables online ticket sellers, retailers, educational institutions, and public-sector services to keep their systems online and visitors informed during peak demand times.

Since launching in 2010, more than three billion concert-goers, streetwear enthusiasts, university applicants and taxpayers have gone through one of the online queues set up by Queue-it’s customers in the ticketing, ecommerce, education and public sectors.

“This milestone shows how far we’ve come as a company. Eight years and three billion users later, here we are. We’re really thrilled with such growth,” said co-founder and chief executive Niels Henrik Sodemann.

“We’re very proud of the value Queue-it has provided to our customers, and the fairness and transparency our virtual waiting room has brought to the end-user experience overall.”

Queue-it’s virtual waiting room offloads excess end-users to a customisable queue page, and returns them in a first-come, first-served order. End-users can see their place in line, estimated wait time, and any messages from the website or app administrators.

“It should be people, not bots, who get the coveted concert tickets or the stylish new sneakers,” said co-founder and CCO Camilla Ley Valentin.

The firm said that by deploying Queue-it’s built-in fraud protection, Dutch streetwear retailer Patta was able to flag 80 per cent of those in line as malicious bots.

“With busy Black Friday ecommerce sales just around the corner, we’re already gearing up for our four-billionth end-user, which we expect to surpass this year as well,” said Valentin.

Image: Queue-it PR