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MoviePass to offer premium formats

Mitch Lowe, chief executive of MoviePass, said the monthly subscription app would soon offer users premium formats, such as Imax or Real 3D.

The $9.95-a-month cinema plan currently offers unlimited 2D movies throughout the month, with no option to upgrade.

Lowe told Business Insider that MoviePass would offer users options to see films in premium formats for $2 to $5 by Labour Day, which is May 1, 2019.

“Imagine you’re a customer and now you can go to what typically might be a $17 or $18 ticket for an extra $5?” Lowe told Business Insider. “That’s going to be extremely valuable.”

In addition, Lowe said a bring-a-friend option, which it has been testing with its e-ticketing partners, would likely be introduced around the same time as premium pricing.

Users would be able to buy a second ticket when selecting their movie and Lowe added that if the friend become a MoviePass subscriber within 24 hours of seeing the film, a refund would be granted for that person’s ticket.

These announcements come shortly after MoviePass revealed that some members will pay surge pricing supplements for high-demand films from July.

Each month, a subscriber is allowed to waive one peak fee.

“Our whole mission is to reenergise the occasional moviegoer, those people who were only going four or five times a year, now they are going nine, 10, 12 times a year with MoviePass,” he said, Business Insider reports.

“They will likely not have a surge pricing because every customer gets one free pass a month. If you go once a month, you won’t pay a surge price. It’s only if you go more than once and you happen to go to a film that may be within surge pricing on a given weekend. So if you see a movie on a Tuesday, the same film that on a Friday may be under peak pricing, you won’t have that charge.”

Image: CchrisS