StubHub is aiming for speedier internal operations, such as seller payments, after recently moving to cloud technology.

Jeff Poirier, general manager of the reselling platform, said he wants to see the firm “move more quickly” at scale to boost the customer experience.

StubHub recently partnered with Google Cloud Platform and Pivotal Software to move its infrastructure to the cloud and accelerate all areas of its business, including seller payments.

“What that’s going to provide StubHub with is the ability to, at-scale, move more quickly,” Poirier said to PYMENTS. “Whether that’s deploying new products, feature changes, deploying payments or adding a new method of payment, all these things are going to be able to happen faster with us moving to the cloud.”

Currently, sellers can choose to be paid via PayPal or have the funds paid through direct deposit into their bank accounts via ACH transfer. Most payments currently require three to five days to deposit into sellers’ accounts.

While the firm is pushing to speed up its processing time, Poirier notes the importance of security in conjunction with speed.

“When your ticket sells, we guarantee you’re going to get the payment and the buyer is going to get [his] ticket,” Poirier said. “We’re a full intermediary, so we try to educate [consumers] and tell [them] that they don’t need to know who they’re selling to or who they’re buying from to trust that the transaction will go smoothly … We stand in the middle and fully guarantee the entire thing.”

StubHub is reportedly looking into new technologies to protect buyers and sellers, including blockchain, Poirier added.

Image: Jane Boyko