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Barcelona modify resale to boost attendance

Barcelona has altered its ticketing resale policy in an effort to boost attendance at its 99,354-capacity Camp Nou Stadium.

During the 2017-18 season, Barcelona topped the LaLiga attendance chart, though only averaged 65,824 per game – significantly less than its capacity.

The LaLiga club’s resale platform, Seient Lliure, has been modified to reward season ticket holders with a bonus if their seat is released at least 20 days before a match.

Seient Lliure is the service where club members with a complete or league season ticket can release their seat for resale, with the seat being exchanged for a percentage of the money obtained.

The new system, approved by the club’s board of directors, will gift members a 20-per-cent bonus on the amount received for their ticket if they release their ticket onto the resale market within 20 days of a game, whether or not it is actually sold.

If released between 10 and 20 days prior to the game, it will be the same but without a bonus. Meanwhile, if the seat is released less than 10 days before the match, the corresponding settlement will only be paid if the seat is sold. In all cases, the 95 per cent cap is applied to the resale price.

The total value percentage members will be able to recover for their subscription through the updated policy will be allocated differently between matches during the first and second rounds of the season, with 35 per cent of the value available in credit for in the matches of the first round and 65 per cent for matches in the second round, according to SportsPro Media.

The resale credit goes back to season ticket holders in the form of a discount against their subscription for the following season.

Meanwhile, Barcelona has recorded another significant rise in revenues for the 2017-18 season, with the club hitting a record €914m.

Image: Piotr Matyja