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Nationals fans get ticket home run

Tickets for the Washington Nationals this week ended up costing some fans just $1 after a home run promotion meant $45 was taken off the price.

Prior to Monday’s Major League Baseball Home Run Derby, the Nationals tweeted that fans would get $1 off their tickets for each home run that Bryce Harper hit.

As it so happened, Harper smashed out 45 home runs to win the event and left fans with barely anything to pay for the Derby. In fact, the Nationals had to list some tickets at $1 because the $45 off would have otherwise made the tickets free.

The 41,313-capacity Nationals Park was filled to capacity with more than 43,600 fans cheering the home team to victory.

According to Yahoo, for the Nationals’ August 1 game against the New York Mets, outfield seats are now just $1. Seats down the third baseline are $14.

During Harper’s home run magic, the Nationals apologised to its financial department on Twitter.

“brb… apologising to our finance department,” it read.

Image: Keith Allison