Festicket is now offering music fans the chance to discover events they might enjoy through a partnership with Spotify.

The new ‘Festival Finder’ feature can be deployed when users connect their Spotify account to Festicket through their Spotify login. The platform then pulls in data on favourite artists and displays 10 upcoming festivals that it deems will match the user’s music tastes.

As well as the opportunity to discover events, Festicket then lets users book tickets, accommodation and travel. It also offers a waiting list feature so users will be alerted when tickets become available for festivals that are taking place up to a year away

“The Festival Finder benefits from Festicket’s extensive database of festivals, which, when paired with artist intelligence from Spotify, can be used to make a selection that is personalised just for you,” Festicket said in a statement.

Festicket said that its use of Spotify artist data is just the start. It ultimately wants to transform its festival catalogue and expertise into an “intelligent engine” for festival discovery

“We now offer over 1,000 festivals on the platform, and we know first-hand how overwhelming it can be when trying to pick out the one to go to,” says Zack Sabban, CEO and co-founder of Festicket. “Our Festival Finder solves that problem by presenting a tailored list of festivals that best match your listening habits, including some under the radar gems that could soon become your new favourite festival destination.”

Image: downloadsource.fr