Google has enhanced its event Search feature after adding personalised recommendations and extra information on events of interest.

The change means that when a user searches for things like “events near me” or “free concert” in the US, a list of events from a variety of sites will appear with key information about the event.

When users tap on an event they are interested in from the list, an overview will pop up with information such as time, location, ticketing providers and other details.

The feature will allow keen event goers to follow the links to buy tickets from the provider of their choice. For those still undecided, links to event webpages are provided for more information.

In addition, Google gives customers the option to save an event they are interested in and share it with others.

Google has also improved its event discovery based on personal interests by adding a “For You” tab, providing ideas for thing to do nearby. Users will also see trending and popular events in the area.

Emily Fifer, product manager for Google Search, said in a blog post about the feature: “You’ll find events from across the web – from meetup and concert sites to individual event listings from organisations and brands you love. 

“We’ve made it easy for sites to mark up their event listings to appear in this experience, with new listings updated quickly. Event sites can follow these guidelines to ensure events are discoverable.”

She added that the new features will be rolled out over the next few days in the US.

Image: Pixabay