Fans of Tom Jones have been left outraged after his comeback gig was cancelled at the last minute at York Racecourse with only a 50-per-cent refund being offered.

The concert was cancelled due to “atrocious weather conditions” with heavy rain and lightning filling the Yorkshire sky.

York Racecourse said it “shares the disappointment of the thousands of fans” for the last-minute cancellation and offered a “50% refund”.

Some disgruntled fans took to social media to voice their anger over the cancellation and “poor” repayment offer.

One fan said on Twitter: “Absolutely shocking! Waiting until the last race to announce that it’s been cancelled! Come all the way from Newcastle today on the train for this. Shocking.”

Another fan said: “It’s not even raining anymore!!! So many people have battled public transport after the earlier lightening strike debacle to get to York to see Tom. So disappointing.”

Earlier on the Friday, trains in and out of York had been severely delayed and in many cases, completely cancelled due to lightning damaging the signalling system between Leeds and York.

In a statement, York Racecourse said: “As anyone at the track on Friday evening will know, the weather closed in, with a series of storms hitting the course. More significantly similar storms blocked the route of both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft between his London home and Yorkshire.

“York Racecourse and Sir Tom wish to apologise to his fans for this disappointment and understand the inconvenience caused.

“The race meeting itself went ahead with six races completed.”

The venue outlined how customers could receive their 50 per cent refund and asked them for their “patience” saying it was “uncharted territory, it is difficult to set a timescale for this process however it will be a priority”.

Image: Nick Webb