The head of operations at one of the leading tourist attractions on the south coast of the UK has praised the impact of the recently-introduced Maxim ticketing system, supported by TOR Systems.

Rupert Stapleton, acting operations manager of the Bournemouth Oceanarium, said that the speed of service and customer satisfaction levels had improved in the wake of introducing the system, which will now also be integrated into the aquarium’s online bookings system.

TOR Systems, the UK-based ticketing provider, installed the Maxim system at the aquarium to assist with the general admission process, controlling capacity and managing timed programmes, events, memberships and renewals. The attraction draws in nearly 250,000 visitors per year.

“Since going live with TOR’s ticketing and booking system, our speed of service and customer satisfaction has significantly improved,” Stapleton said.

“Throughout our till installation project TOR Systems have worked closely with us to ensure there were no issues when going live. The aftercare we have received has been second to none.”

Membership purchasing processes and back office ticket configurations have now been streamlined as a result of the installation.

A new flexible pricing model has also enabled the aquarium to take advantage of peak and off-peak periods, with fine weather conditions this summer helping to maximise sales.

Image: Jeremy Tarling