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Police warning over Singapore’s ticket scam spike

Police in Singapore have warned concertgoers about online ticket scams after a spike in reports of fraud.

The authorities acted ahead of concerts by pop sensations iKON and WINNER.

In a statement, Singapore police said there were at least 120 reports of online purchase scams specifically involving the sale of concert tickets last year. In these cases, the victims either did not receive the tickets or received fake or invalid tickets after payment was made.

Members of the public are advised not to be impulsive in purchasing tickets at prices that “sound too good to be true” and to buy from authorised sellers as far as possible.  They have also been told to avoid making payments or deposits in advance.

“Try to use shopping platforms that release your payment to the seller only upon receipt of the item. Alternatively, arrange to meet the seller and contact the authorised ticketing service provider (such as SISTIC and Sports Hub Tix) to check the authenticity or validity of the tickets prior to making payment,” said police.

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