K-Pop fans have been protesting what they consider unfair ticketing promotions by organisers of the Hallyupopfest event in Singapore.

Tickets for the festival, which is taking place from September 7-9, cost between S$148 per day to S$498 per day for the special ‘Daebak’ or VIP pass.

According to the event website, tickets are available for purchase via Sports Hub’s website and hotline as well as several physical locations such as the Singapore Indoor Stadium box office and SingPost outlets.

Many fans rushed to buy tickets when they went on sale July 7, but it was later discovered that a K-pop fan-run Twitter account is selling the Hallyupopfest tickets with a buy-one-get-one-free offer, basically cutting the price of the day passes in half.

According to the Online Citizen, the Twitter account is reportedly able to offer this promotion in collaboration with the event organisers.

Those who paid full price expressed their anger on Twitter.

One fan said: “People who bought tickets at full price, let’s report to CASE. This is seriously unethical.”

Another said: “What is this again? What about Wannables who already bought daebak day 1 tickets? Do we qualify for day 2 automatically? Have you considered the rest of us before launching this promo?!? You should consider people who already bought your expensive tix before launching this promo!”

Image: Korea.net