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MoviePass removes annual subscription package

MoviePass has moved to replace its annual subscription option, with customers who use this service to now convert to a monthly subscription.

Members were given the option to receive a pro-rata refund if they wanted to cancel their annual subscriptions.

MoviePass announced the news in an email to subscribers on Friday, which, according to Variety, read: “We want to thank you for being a loyal member of our annual MoviePass plan.

“Your commitment to MoviePass has contributed to making our vision for an accessible and affordable moviegoing experience a reality. After experimenting with different models and options, we believe that our current monthly plan captures the need of our community — keeping prices low while continually striving to offer a wider selection of films.”

For a fee of $89, annual members had previously been able to see one movie a day. The latest change comes after MoviePass imposed restrictions on its monthly users. Earlier this month, MoviePass announced that it will now only allow cinema fans a choice of two films in a bid to stay afloat.

On its latest announcement, MoviePass added: “This new offering is part of the transition to our new subscription model. We’re excited to offer subscribers the option of going to three movies a month for $9.95 and providing up to a $5 discount for additional movie tickets. We are grateful to our MoviePass community and have offered a number of our annual subscribers the option for a refund if the new plan doesn’t align with their viewing preferences.

“With this transition, we intend to offer more film options so subscribers can continue exploring a wide variety of movies. We believe that our new plan is a positive change in the right direction and that it captures the needs and desires of most of our MoviePass community in our journey for an accessible and quality movie experience.”

Image: CchrisS