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YouTube stars’ boxing match sells out arena 

More than 20,000 tickets were sold for the boxing match between YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul, with an estimated 883,000 people watching on the pay-per-view stream.

The event, which was held at the Manchester Arena in the UK, reportedly made the pair upwards of $11m, according to Business Insider.

With an average ticket price of £135, and rounding up the number of attendees to 20,000, Business Insider generously estimated that the live event pulled in $3.5m. In addition, 773,000 people paid £7.50 or $10 each to watch the livestream on YouTube that brought in £5.6m, or $7.7m totalling £8.3m or a little over $11m.

However, it is a an approximate estimation as the ticket price is skewed by VIP tickets, ad revenues and overheads etc.

It is a significant amount of money for two amateur boxers that boast 37 million subscribers between them as, according to The Mirror, the 2017 professional fight in Wembley between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko generated £8m in ticket sales.

KSI and Logan Paul will have the chance add to their total earnings in February, when the pair fight again at an unconfirmed venue in the US.

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