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Sinemia adds to multiple membership levels

Movie ticketing firm Sinemia has introduced a new monthly subscription plan that is priced at $9.99, the same price as the struggling MoviePass’ limited plan.

The Turkey-based company now has multiple membership levels, with its cheapest costing $3.99 per month for one screening.

Sinemia’s ‘elite’ plan starts at $14.99 a month for three tickets, with subscribers also having access to IMAX and 3D screenings.

With this new announcement, Sinemia now has two $9.99 offerings, which are the ‘classic’ plan that comes with three tickets a month, and the elite version that includes two monthly tickets, but members can also view IMAX and 3D screenings.

Sinemia’s offering expansion comes amid its competitor’s financial woes in which MoviePass members have experienced repeated blackouts, price modifications, and changes to the film selections.

According to a poll by the National Research Group (NRG), 47 per cent of customers surveyed are debating whether to cancel their MoviePass membership. In contrast, 37 per cent claimed they would maintain their current plan despite the app’s slim selection of movies and the limited number of monthly screenings.

“MoviePass’ innovation was offering the freedom and flexibility to see any movie, at any time, at almost any theatre, for a low price,” NRG chief executive Jon Penn told The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday.

“By constantly changing the terms of service—limiting which films subscribers could see and when they could see them—MoviePass has eroded brand trust and undermined their leadership position.”

Earlier this week, MoviePass announced it had moved to replace its annual subscription option, with customers set to convert to a monthly subscription.

Members were given the option to receive a pro-rata refund if they wanted to cancel their annual subscriptions.

Image: CchrisS