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SquadUp links up with Tribeca Film Fest

Tribeca Film Festival now offers its fans the ability to purchase tickets to multiple events in a single transaction through its partnership with SquadUp.

The mobile ticketing, event management and audience engagement platform will provide a more streamlined ticketing experience for hundreds of thousands of attendees.

The white-labeled experience for ticket buyers will include shopping cart functionality, as well as a suite of mobile-first functions for users and event organisers alike.

“Tribeca is pleased to name SquadUP as its official ticketing partner,” said Tribeca chief operating officer Pete Torres. “SquadUP will elevate our audience’s experience and allow Tribeca to remain on the cutting-edge of technology. With SquadUP, Tribeca can offer festival-goers a streamlined, fully integrated ticketing platform.”

Willie Litvack, SquadUP chief executive, added: “Multi-day, multi-event festivals have consistent pain points. Event organisers require a highly customisable ticketing solution that enables patrons to purchase tickets to multiple events in a single transaction without ever leaving the event website.

“SquadUP’s white label platform goes beyond table stakes and offers event organisers a truly bespoke solution, built on a modern technology stack and accompanied with best-in-class mobile solutions.”

Image: Clementine Gallot