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Nite Dice aims to boost London’s nightlife

Nite Dice, a new feature by mobile-centric ticketing and event discovery firm Dice, has been launched in a move designed to boost London’s nightlife.

The new feature will open in the app automatically from 6pm on Fridays and Saturdays, giving those that live in London the chance to find and book tickets for clubs and late-night events.

Nite Dice is a response to recent legislation to limit nightlife, such as Hackney Council’s recent midnight weekend curfew for new venues.

Russ Tannen, UK MD at Dice, said, according to MusicWeek: “The best nights out are always the spontaneous ones that go on longer than you first planned. We’ve been busy working out how to turn your phone into the ultimate staying-out-machine. That’s Nite Dice.”

Glyn Fussell, co-founder of drag collective Sink The Pink, said: “Dice has always made it quicker and easier for clubbers to buy tickets and have access to what’s on so this helps even more. I think nightlife is still alive and booming, and this new tool will help further connect the dots.”

Dice, which announced its expansion into France earlier this week, recently announced a partnership with East London venue Troxy, which has become the world’s biggest mobile-only and now tout-proof venue as a result.

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