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Activity Stream win award for live entertainment AI software

Business solutions company Activity Stream has received recognition for the development of its Artificial Intelligence software for stadiums, theatres and concert venues.

The firm has been awarded the best AI/Machine Learning Startup at the Nordic Startup Awards which took place in Iceland on September 6.

“We are on the right track and it’s amazing to experience how we are growing as a company. Followed by last year’s recognition as ‘Startup of the Year’, this award proves that we are onto something big and we are capable of transforming the way our customers optimise their business,” said Helgi Helgason, chief technology officer at Activity Stream.

The company develops software for stadiums, theatres and concert venues globally, enabling live entertainment organisations to analyse their customer, sales and marketing performance – all in real time based on artificial intelligence.

“Activity Stream has over the last year shown the greatest development based on growth, innovation and most efficient and powerful application of deep tech, AI and big data to reinvent how businesses and societies develop solutions to previously unsolvable problems,” said Kim Balle, chief executive of the Nordic Startup Awards.

Image: Seier+Seier