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Rockfest organiser unable to issue refunds

Festival ticket holders continue to be left out of pocket as the Rockfest organiser claims he doesn’t have the money to issue refunds after it was cancelled last month.

The Idaho festival revealed it wouldn’t take place after organiser Ron Heyrend was sued by an entertainment agency for not paying a broker’s fee. He owes the firm $25,163, as well as all the refunds to the Rockfest ticket holders.

A Facebook post announcing the original cancellation told people they would be refunded within 24 to 48 hours, however many people are still awaiting their money.

Heyrend reportedly said he was waiting for the contractor to reimburse him and means to repay the ticketholders that are out of pocket.

However, it has been reported by the Post Register that he doesn’t have the money needed to refund people. He apparently said he wasn’t sure how many tickets needed to be refunded, but has the number of total tickets sold listed in documents.

With no previous cancellation plan in place prior to the announcement that it wouldn’t go ahead, with Heyrend saying, “it was never supposed to be refunded.”

One concertgoer, Angela Olaveson, told the Post that she bought two tickets totalling $159.79 and has not been refunded yet, noting that “it sure sounds like the ticket holders will be getting the raw end of this scam.”

Heyrend told the Post: “I’m doing everything I can to get this sorted out. It was supposed to be a fun time.”

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