The Sacramento Kings have linked up with business text messaging firm ZipWhip to improve their day-to-day fan communications around ticketing, game schedules and other general information.

The NBA basketball franchise is to roll out an RCS-enabled communication channel on its toll-free business phone number. The Kings will use the technology to strengthen fan-to-franchise engagement, providing a human-to-human fan experience, incorporating media, location sharing and team communications.

RCS is an enhanced messaging technology that provides deeper interactions than current SMS and MMS capabilities. RCS users are able to share their location, view typing indicators, receive read receipts, make payments and reply to inline suggested buttons within their native texting app, along with many additional functionalities

Consumers can engage via RCS with the Kings by texting their toll-free phone line at 833-91KINGS.

Unlike companies that rely on chatbots and artificial intelligence, Zipwhip’s RCS solution is driven primarily by human-to-human interaction, providing users with a personal and dynamic conversation while also incorporating modern functionality into the conversation.

“There are over 200 million business phone numbers in North America which, thanks to Zipwhip, are now poised to take advantage of RCS capabilities via the existing phone number their customers know and love,” said John Lauer, chief executive and co-founder, Zipwhip.

“As the first franchise in the nation to RCS-enable its landline, the Sacramento Kings continue to be at the forefront of leveraging technology and innovation to strengthen the fan experience. Further, by text-enabling existing landlines, Zipwhip can seamlessly onboard new partners, like the Sacramento Kings, with zero friction. Zipwhip is proud to power the next generation of two-way communication and I’m confident RCS will continue to be embraced across the country by businesses and wireless carriers alike.”

Image: terimakasih0