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TicketSauce boosts platform functionality 

TicketSauce, an event management software firm, has updated its platform with newly designed activities and shopping cart functionalities to provide ticketing for the Fall Preview of Modernism Week.

Modernism Week’s signature February event is an annual celebration of midcentury modern design, architecture, art, fashion and culture. The festival features more than 350 events including the Modernism Show & Sale, signature home tours, films, lectures, double-decker architectural bus tours, nightly parties and live music, as well as walking and bike tours, fashion and classic cars and modern garden tours.

The Fall Preview will be from October 18-21 to kick off the social and recreational season in Palm Springs.

“We are thrilled to work with such a historic and unique event – TicketSauce’s new shopping cart and activities will provide an easy-to-use and robust way to reserve days, times and locations for the attendees’ tickets,” said Travis Fisher, chief executive of TicketSauce.

“Our solution will now be able to help venues, museums, and other events with unique ticket needs around scheduled days, times, annual passes and quantity concerns.”

The new features will allow attendees to be able to choose the day, time and location of their activities, along with the flexibility to use one ticket to access all these events or purchase individual tickets.

Attendees can also purchase a series of activities in the form of an annual or seasonal pass depending on the needs of various venues or larger events. These new features also ensure activity quantity limits are the priority when driving both passes and individual tickets in one platform.

“We are impressed with TicketSauce’s complete event management and ticketing solution from the well-designed cart, flexibility and feature functionality,” said Chris Mobley, chief executive of Modernism Week.

“The robust, easy and fully-customisable ticketing software provides a reliable way to handle hundreds of activities we showcase at this event and provides users with a hassle-free, easy-to-navigate buying experience.”

Image: Abbe Rose