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Stampede leads to ticketing overhaul in Gambian FA

Major changes in ticketing procedures are due to be implemented following a dangerous influx of ticketless fans during the Africa Cup of Nations game at Gambia’s Independence Stadium.

During Gambia’s qualifier against Algeria, an estimated 40,000 people flooded the stadium, with many people settling around the pitch’s peripheries. This left thousands of ticket holders stranded at the gates.

Gambia’s FA boss, Lamin Kabba Bajo, revealed in a statement, according to Foroyaa that 25,500 tickets were printed, while VIP passes were left unsold.

The game was reportedly delayed for more than an hour amid fears for the players’ and supporters’ safety as the stadium capacity overflowed rapidly. There have been no reports of any incidents or injuries but the Gambian Football Federation has come under scrutiny for profiteering at the expense of people’s safety.

Kabba said: “I think it has more to do with the honesty of the individuals – and with the performance of the boys and expectation of the country, we will try our best to make sure such issues are averted if not minimised.”

Kabba hinted that there would be an overhaul of the current ticketing system, with views of changing personnel and bringing in tighter gate controls.

Image: Annatto