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Under-25s offered cheap opera tickets in Italy

Young opera enthusiasts in Italy will be able to purchase tickets at discounted rates under an initiative announced by Culture Minister Alberto Bonisoli.

As the WantedInRome website reported, people aged 18-25 will be able to buy opera tickets in Italy for just €2, with Rome Opera House to be among the venues offering such a deal.

The initiative comes into effect when the next opera season gets underway. Other foundations that are included in the initiative are Milan’s La Scala, La Fenice in Venice and Naples’ S.Carlo.

Bonisoli recently announced a range of culture initiatives, one of which offers under-25s museum tickets for €2.

The offer comes after a recent study by the Intergenerational Foundation (IF) found that more than three quarters of the UK’s leading attractions are giving £65m worth of ticket-price concessions to over-60s each year, regardless of their ability to pay.

The report questioned the fairness of ticketing policies towards the younger generation, with a number of attractions not offering discounts for students or youths.

Image: Wolfgang Moroder