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Sinemia adds ‘sustainable’ unlimited plan

Sinemia is launching an unlimited monthly cinema subscription plan in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, costing three times the price of MoviePass’ former plan.

The Turkey-based firm said the £30-a-month fan for 30 films is “a sustainable, reasonable model for seeing movies on an unlimited basis.

“While most of our plans are focused on the modern moviegoer who sees one, two, or three movies each month, we want to serve every type of movie lover and that includes frequent moviegoers looking for an unlimited tickets option,” said chief executive and founder Rifat Oguz in a statement. “We’ve spent four years testing and fine-tuning our unlimited tickets model and are confident this is the right price to sustainably offer such a plan.”

The move comes as its competitor, MoviePass, continues to struggle to stay afloat while holding onto subscribers, hence Sinemia’s several references to “sustainability.” It announced last month that among several other limitations, it is now restricting its movie selection to six a day.

Sinemia has multiple membership levels, with its cheapest costing $3.99 per month for one screening. It also has two $9.99 options and a $14.99 plan that offers three tickets per month, with the option to see IMAX and 3D screenings.

Image: Geralt