Ticket prices across the Bundesliga have decreased for the first time in five years, according to a recent study.

The average price of the cheapest season and match day tickets fell €0.60 from last year.

The most expensive prices have also fallen – marking the first time that a fall in all four categories has occurred since 2013-14, when the German media firm, Sponsors, began analysing prices.

As it stands, the cheapest tickets will cost German football fans €15.20, down from €15.80 last year. The most expensive ticket will cost €2.30 less than last year’s high of €72.90.

Meanwhile, season tickets decreased league-wide, with the cheapest average ticket dropping to €178.60 from €190.10. The most expensive season ticket dropped even more – averaging at €700.30 following a five-year high of €727.80 in 2017/18.

The cheapest matchday ticket could be bought at newly promoted Fortuna Dusseldorf for just €8, according to the study, while its €112 season ticket is also the cheapest in the league.

Stuttgart was the only Bundesliga side to raise prices in all four categories, only topped by Hertha Berlin for a single ticket price, charging up to €88.50. Meanwhile, Schalke and Freiburg are the only clubs for whom a season ticket costs more that Stuttgart’s – with Schalke’s €884 price tag eclipsing every other team in the league.

Image: RudolfSimon